Breeding Partnerships:

Pucker Ridge Farm LLC currently has a number of Breeding Partnerships available that qualify for the lucrative NY Bred Breeding Program. Minimum investment unless noted is 10%. This will provide the partner with 10% ownership and NY breeding interest in the resulting foal (there will be no ownership in the mare).

New Breeding Partnership Starting:

We are currently soliciting investors for shares of a partnership to purchase in foal mares at the 2009 Fall Breeding Stock sales. We are looking to purchase one or two quality, commercial mares in foal to Kentucky stallions to foal out in NY in 2010. Please contact Lois Engel at or call (516)752-7978 for further information.

Foals of 2010:

These shares are for anticipated foals for 2010. These mares were bred during the 2009 breeding season for delivery in 2010. We carefully choose the matings to stallions based upon current nick data, market conditions, physical characteristics, etc. We invite partners to make suggestions on possible matings and will explain the selection criteria. Monthly charges will be billed one month in advance and will be the same percentage as the owned percentage (ie-10% share will be responsible for 10% of the monthly expenses).

If preferred, you may opt for a one time, upfront payment that will lock in all costs through the delivery of the foal. Please contact us to discuss this option if you are interested.

*Estimate of Monthly Expenses:

Monthly expenses will vary, but on average will run between $125/month and $150/month for a 10% share. Here is a rough breakdown of anticipated costs:

Board (assume 17 months for mare) $11,250
Foaling Fee $425
Board (foal prior to weaning, approx. 4 months) $750
Vet $750
Farrier $600
Supplements $1,000
Misc. (including Jockey Club fees, NY Bred fees, etc.) $2,300
Total expenses for weaned foal (for 100%) $17,075

For further information, contact Lois Engel via email at or call 516-752-7978.